25 years of experience


About Us

We are a team of specialists in the design and construction of electromechanical, residential, commercial and industrial facilities. We perform technical reports, electromechanical works, instrumentation and control. We also have experience in performing preventive and corrective maintenance for trade and medium industries.

In our staff we have dynamic and honest people, technicians and workers, who do a meticulous work in each level and in each installation, aware of the importance of their work in the life and work of each of our clients.

Likewise, we are rigorous in the selection of the materials and components that we use, in the application of the quality standards, and in each design and installation work that we perform. We work only with components and equipment recognized in the market, which comply with the required quality and safety standards, and with manufacturers guarantee.

We are the authorized representative for the Republic of Panama of IFM Electronics, high quality German technology products and 5 year factory warranty.

About Us

We are a group of professionals and electromechanical technicians, with years of experience in the design and assembly of instrumentation and control solutions in shops and industries.


Provide solution to the process industries in the Republic of Panama by designing, supplying and installing equipment, consulting and technical support in the area of instrumentation and industrial control, to make them more efficient and productive.


To be the leading company in the Republic of Panama in the development of solutions counting on the best group of professionals and equipment of high quality, thus offering confidence and security to our distinguished clients.

Golden Point Tower, 15th floor
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Mobile Phone: + (507) 6200-4205
Office: + (507) 303-0216 /17