Industrial communication

AS-Interface controllers / gateways

AS-i controller and gateways have AS-i master functionality and are thus an elementary part of AS-i networks. These components are usually in a control cabinet and ensure data communication. A wide product range provides suitability for different applications. An integrated CoDeSys-programmable PLC allows that the AS-i controllers can also be used as supplementary or independent control system.

AS-Interface power supplies / earth fault monitors

AS-i needs special AS-i power supplies for the communication and the voltage supply of the AS-i modules and the connected inputs and outputs (partly). They supply an unearthed voltage that is in particular suitable for communication insensitive to interference, in particular in industrial environments. By means of earth fault monitors the installation can be monitored for earthing problems.

AS-Interface I/O modules

The I/O modules are decentralised input and output modules of the AS-i interface for the connection of your digital and analogue inputs and outputs. Different applications have various requirements on the I/O modules regarding protection rating, resistance and materials used. The product range covers PCB solutions, control cabinet modules and I/O modules with protection rating IP69K.

AS-Interface AirBoxes for pneumatics

The AS-i AirBoxes are compact pneumatic valves, complemented by digital feedback inputs. They are integrated in a ClassicLine housing and are compatible in terms of space and mounting. The AS-i connection is carried out via the common flat cable or round cable lower parts. 3/2-way, 4/2-way, 5/2-way and 5/3-way valves are available.

AS-Interface sensors

The bus connection is already integrated in the intelligent AS-i sensors. So they can be directly connected to the yellow cable. In addition to the pure sensor information, further diagnostic data are available via the AS-interface, which can be transmitted and evaluated at a low cost.

AS-Interface devices for valves and valve actuators

Bootstrap 4 has been noted as one of the most reliable and proven frameworks and Mobirise has been equipped to develop websites using this framework.

AS-Interface expansion

There are different ways to extend the AS-i cable. The specified one hundred metres can be extended up to 1000 metres in extreme cases.

AS-Interface Safety at Work

The sophisticated AS-i technology and the extended diagnostic possibilities provide high reliability and machine uptime. "Safety at Work" is the extension of AS-Interface by safety-related components. Safety components up to Performance Level e to EN ISO 13849-1 (IEC 61508 / SIL 3) can be connected to AS-i.

Fieldbus components

ifm's AS-i gateways provide solutions for field buses such as Profibus, Profinet, Ethernet/ IP, DeviceNet, Ethercat and CANopen. The gateways function as fieldbus slave and use AS-Interface as an intelligent feeder for the information highway.

IO-Link components

IO-Link is a manufacturer and field-bus independent standard that makes exchange of I/O user data and parameter data between a control system and IO-Link compatible devices such as sensors and actuators with diagnostic capabilities possible.
The AS-Interface / I/O-Link gateway allows the use of IO-Link functionality in AS-Interface.

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