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Sensors for Motion Control


Encoders use the wear-free photoelectric detection. A pulse disc firmly attached to the shaft ensures this detection.
By means of high pulse counts linear distances can be precisely resolved to just a few millimetres.

Speed sensors

Rotational speed sensors integrate rotational speed detection and monitoring in one unit. The sensor head operates to the principle of the inductive proximity sensor. The sensor detects metal actuating surfaces on a rotating machine. The integrated evaluation converts this information into rotational speed. If the set min/max rotational speed is higher or lower, the electronic output switches.

Inclination sensors

The 2-axis inclination sensors with a built-in CANopen interface are used for levelling and angular position detection of mobile machines. Typical applications are for example position detection of platforms or levelling of mobile cranes. Moreover there are inclination sensors with binary or analogue output stages which are connected directly to controllers or I/O modules.

Pulse evaluation systems

The complete product family includes analogue and digital pulse evaluation systems for speed, slip and direction monitoring, frequency-to-current converters, counters and digital displays as well as threshold relays and displays for analogue standard signals.

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